The Largest List of UK Towns and Cities

The most comprehensive database available of all 49,178 UK cities, towns and villages – with linked counties, countries, postcodes, grid references, latitude-longitude coordinates and more. It is ideal for location lookups, website development and data verification.

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Frobishers Biffa Waste Management DCMS Igloo The Caravan Club

Comprehensive linked location data

Get clean, consistent and well-organised data, with no need for lookups or conversions. All 49,178 towns have linked location information (including county, country, region, postcode, local government area, grid reference, easting-northing, latitude-longitude and elevation) and, unlike many other datasets, it fully covers the whole UK including Northern Ireland and suburban areas in Greater London.

Includes SQL, CSV and Excel formats

The data is compatible out-of-the-box with nearly all SQL databases, GIS systems, programming languages and spreadsheet applications – including Excel and Open Office. Which means you can get to work quickly and easily with the software of your choice, without worrying about time-consuming file conversions or imports.

Updated for Summer 2022

You can have complete confidence in the quality and accuracy of our data. All records (including location data) have been updated for 2022 with the last complete refresh was on the . You can download a sample or check the data with the live online search.

Tried and tested reliability

We only use the latest information from official sources including Ordnance Survey, the Greater London Authority, the Office for National Statistics and NISRA. The data is completely refreshed every quarter and undergoes regression testing and quality assurance checks before each release.

Compatible with…
Access MySQL SQL Server PostgreSQL SQLite Access PHPMyAdmin Open Office

“Does the database contain all towns?” and other FAQs

Does the database contain all towns?

Yes. The data contains all 49,178 cities, towns, villages, hamlets and suburban areas in the UK. Historical settlements are not listed. Location information is provided for all settlements – including postcode sector, county, country, elevation, easting-northing and latitude-longitude coordinates.

Are future updates available?

Yes, if you purchase either the ‘Business’ or ‘Enterprise’ packages then quarterly data updates will be automatically emailed to you at the start of January, April, July and October.

When was the data last updated?

The last update was made on . This release was a full quarterly refresh of the data, and also introduced a new field for elevation.

What areas are covered?

All four countries of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are covered without any exceptions or gaps. For convenience, towns and villages in the Isle of Man are also included.

Can I use the data commercially?

Yes. Our ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ packages allow you to use the data for business and commercial purposes without any attribution. Please see the terms of use for more information.

Can I get a different sample?

Yes. If our sample data download or online lookup doesn't give you the assurances you need please feel free to contact us for a custom sample extract.